Saving a Microsoft Word Document as a JPG Image File


Widows users will need to find a program that allows you to save PDF files as JPG images. Apple users can follow the instructions below using features already available on Apple Mac computers.


For users on an Apple computer, follow these steps to create a JPG image file from a Microsoft Word document.

  1. In Word, save the document as a PDF file.
  2. Open the PDF file using the Apple Preview utility.
  3. In Preview, from the File menu, choose Export.
    1. Format. From the Format drop-down menu, you can choose JPEG as the file format you are exporting to.
    2. Quality. For the Quality setting, moving the slider further to the right increases the quality, but also the file size. Typically having it set to the notch just below maximum quality is okay.
    3. Resolution. The Resolution setting also determines the quality of the image. Setting resolution to 400 with Quality on Maximum would produce a JPEG image of about 3MB for an 8.5×11 inch page. Setting resolution to 200 with Quality on the notch below maximum will produce a JPEG image file of about 590kb while retaining almost the same visual quality. So, you may need to adjust this slightly for the quality you need.


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