Tools Required to Open an Apple MacBook Pro and Upgrade the Hard Drive: Phillips PH0X40 and Torx T6X40 Drivers

This is a short post regarding the tools required to open an Apple MacBook Pro and upgrade the hard drive.

There are ten screws on the bottom notebook case cover enclosure. These are tiny phillips screws. As you’re looking at the notebook with it upside down and the hinge away from you, the three screws along the hinge end closest to the power connector will be longer screws.

The others are very tiny and short. These tiny screws go in at a slight angle to allow the screw heads to sit smoothly just below the indentation where they go in. This ensures they won’t catch on anything.

The longer screw that is closest to the power connection can have its path obstructed by the video cable pull tab. So, when reassembling the unit, be sure that the tab is away from the screw hole.

The hard drive has two phillips screws in the drive retainer bracket (on the hinge side). Once these two screws are loosened, the bracket will lift up and the drive will tilt upward and out.

Carefully remove the data/power coupler from the drive.

The four retaining screws on the side of the drive can be removed if necessary using the Torx T6X40 driver. This may be needed if you plan to put the drive in an external case for data recovery.


Below are photos showing a typical drive removal from an Apple MacBook. Click any image to bring up a larger photo gallery.

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