Apple MacBook iMac Left Mouse Button Not Working Mountain Lion Mavericks


If the left mouse button for your Apple computer stops working or suddenly becomes non responsive for no apparent reason, try this trick to possibly fix the problem.

  1. Using the right mouse button, navigate from the Apple (icon) menu to System Preferences and click on Mouse.
  2. Under “Primary mouse button” switch to the Right mouse button and then switch back to the Left. Try this a couple times (keeping in mind that the alternate button will be primary), and return to Left as the primary (or your preferred button).

This may restore the proper function of the left mouse button.

2 thoughts on “Apple MacBook iMac Left Mouse Button Not Working Mountain Lion Mavericks

  1. I just had that happen on an iMac that was only a couple of months out of the box. Could not get any other wired/wireless/Apple/PC mouse to do the left click. The right click wouldn’t help me navigate, much, either. Reboot and PRAM did not help. I had to ARD into the computer and then I did an update. That seemed to fix the problem, but only short-term. This just kept seeming like a bluetooth issue, so I went into the bluetooth settings and found two mice not even being used that were paired with the machine. I disconnected those and it seems to be working fine, now.

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