Active Directory Creating and Saving Queries to Find Computers or Users


When using Active Directory, the Find feature helps you find computers, users, and other resources. The Query feature is similar, yet has the added advantage of being able to save sophisticated (or simple) searches for easy use again in the future.


Here are directions for saving a query.

  1. Start the Active Directory Computers and Users utility.
  2. Click on the Saved Queries folder.
  3. From the Action menu, choose New > Query.
  4. Give the Query a name.
  5. Give the Query a description.
  6. The Query root will be provided and include subdirectories is selected by default.
  7. Click on Define Query.
  8. As an example, you can setup a Query to find computers that begin with a certain series of letters in their name. Under the Computers tab, choose Name Starts With and provide the letters. In this example, it is assumed that all computers in one department will begin with the same short description such as FIN for Finance. Click OK when done, this will return to the Query box, then click OK again.
  9. The Query will be saved under the Saved Queries folder.

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