Transparent, Seamless, and Unobtrusive Administration of Service Delivery

One of the best ways to enhance service delivery is to be committed to journaling service requests and delivery through tracking and accumulating the metrics that help improve services.

However, often the process and mechanics of tracking service delivery can impede the quality and timeliness of service. How often have you called for computer support, only to be told, “I’m sorry, our computer is down.” That’s not very reassuring, and it delays the service delivery.

With mobile devices it’s possible to write notes while in the field. This provides an extemporaneous original field journal with entries that can be easily copied and pasted into whatever help desk system is being used.

Using a note taking system like the one included with Apple’s iOS, it’s possible to have folders for storing current and completed service call notes. These notes can be quickly pasted into any service tracking system prior to being filed away in a folder for completed items. This makes it easy to enter notes whenever and wherever.


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