Switching from iTunes to Google Music


Switching from iTunes to Google Music can offer broader access to your music library from multiple devices and platforms. The player runs as a Google Chrome app on most computers and mobile devices — including Linux computers. The iTunes software isn’t available for Linux users, which makes Google a good choice.

Google Music Advantages

Keep in mind that iTunes is much more than just a cloud music library. It offers video playing, podcasts, and organizing of music files on your local drive. However, for those only interested in a music player, the Google Music service might be sufficient.  Google Music is a good choice for people who want mobile access to music in the cloud.


Follow these instructions to get your iTunes library moved into Google Music.

  1. Login to your Google account or create one.
  2. Go to http://music.google.com.
  3. Accept the terms.
  4. You can use the basic Google Music for free, or pay $10 per month for all access Google Music.
  5. Click the Add Music button and then click and drag your iTunes music Library folder to the upload area (or use the upload/browse button).

Google Music Manager

For easier and faster uploading of your music collection,  you’ll want to download and install the Google Music Manager.

Local Music Library Backup

Keep in mind that Apple offers synchronization in the cloud for the library stored on your hard drive. By contrast, with Google music, you can’t download your entire library. You can only download one song at a time, and “You can download each track from the web two times.” (source) So, it’s best to keep your music library organized on a hard drive somewhere as a local backup.


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