iPhone Won’t See and Can’t Setup or Recognize FitBit One Bluetooth

If your iPhone mysteriously can’t find your FitBit One activity tracker, you may think it’s your phone, and you might try restarting the phone, resetting the phone entirely, removing the software, or some other method of fixing the problem.

However, there’s an easier and quicker solution worth trying first.

You simply need to restart the activity tracker device, and you’ll very likely discover that everything starts working again and the phone will recognize the device again.

The restart instructions are found here:


There are unique steps for each device, but generally you’ll want to plug it in, and then press and hold a reset button or action button for about 3 to 10 seconds (depending on the device). Follow the instructions linked above for your particular unit.

Setting your device to synchronize throughout the day can help you ensure that your steps and activity will be uploaded regularly. Then, if the unit fails at some point, you won’t loose an entire day’s worth of data. You’ll just be without the data from the time that it failed.

Here are the reset instructions for the FitBit One:

  1. Plug your charging cable into your computer.
  2. Plug your One tracker into the charging cable, making sure that the gold contacts on your tracker align with the gold contacts in the inside of the charger.
  3. Hold down your tracker’s button for 10-12 seconds.
  4. Remove your tracker from the charging cable and press its button until the screen turns on.

2 thoughts on “iPhone Won’t See and Can’t Setup or Recognize FitBit One Bluetooth

  1. Thanks! I’ve just bought a fitbit one from a friend, and it’s been driving me mad that I can’t get it set up …

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