Fixing Slow Loading Startup on Wondershare All-My-Tube YouTube Video Downloader Converter Software Program

If you’re a user of the Wondershare All-My-Tube video downloader and converter software, you may notice long delays in starting the program, and system-wide slowdowns when the program is loading or running.

This typically happens after the Wondershare library listing of videos has become lengthy over many months of use. The software remains aware of the dynamic listing, and the files involved may collectively be many gigabytes in size.

For this reason, it’s important to regularly clear out the list.

Once videos are downloaded, there’s no reason to keep them in the list other than the exceptions mentioned below.

When the list has been cleared, the software should launch quickly and will run without placing excessive drain on your computer.

Note that other issues can cause slowness on your computer. This page offers a suggestion that may help, but you might need to try some other solutions as well.

Purchasing the Software

If you’ve not yet purchased the software, you should seriously consider the lifetime family pack license for about $80 you’ll get the software for five computers. The purchase is for either 5 Windows or 5 Apple Mac computers. [ Windows | Mac ]

Before Removing Video Files

Here are some considerations:

  1. Source URL. You may want to make a note of the URL where each video came from. The source or producer of videos is sometimes not apparent from the video, and sometimes there can be additional information in the description or a related news story that would be good to save with the video.
  2. Save the Videos. You’ll want to make sure the videos are safely put into a long-term archive directory, and don’t just tell the software to delete the downloaded files.
  3. Convert. Frequently videos are downloaded as MP4 (MPEG) format which is very compatible. So, these wouldn’t necessarily need to be converted. Videos that are downloaded as FLV (Flash video) should be converted if you plan to save the video and use it in the future. This is most easily done when the videos are still in the listing within the software.

Software Image

The screenshot below shows you what the software looks like.


2 thoughts on “Fixing Slow Loading Startup on Wondershare All-My-Tube YouTube Video Downloader Converter Software Program

  1. That was completely unhelpful. How do I purge the “loading data” file being referenced? It takes forever to startup!

    1. Hi Matt,
      I’m sorry the suggestions on the page didn’t help in your situation. From your comment, it sounds like you want to “purge the loading data file.” There is no loading data file. What you want to purge or cleanup is the history of downloaded files. This is something I’ve done to fix the problem and it’s worked. However you may be experiencing a different issue. Also, the article was written 5 years ago, so the software has likely changed since then. Have you always noticed the slow loading issue? Are you on Windows or Mac?

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