Sony DSC-HX50V Manual White Balance Setting

Follow these instructions to manually configure white balance for the Sony DSC-HX50V.

  1. Set Camera Mode – S. Depending on what mode the camera is in,  the available custom settings change. For example, in the fully automatic mode, when you press the Menu button, the manual white balance setting won’t be available.
  2. Press the Menu Button. To access the custom settings for the S Mode, press the Menu button as shown below.
  3. Navigate Options Menu. When the custom options menu appears, the options will be in a column of icons on the left of the screen. You can navigate up and down to select a sub-menu by pressing the top edge or bottom edge of the circular ring. In the example here, you’ll push the bottom of the round ring four times until the highlighted menu is WB AUTO. The name or icon may be different for your camera depending on what mode you’re currently in.
  4. White Balance Options. Once you’ve highlighted the White Balance menu, press the right edge of the selector ring to move right and select the White Balance option you want. In the example below, the last setting on the far right of the available options is the One Push Set option that gives you the ability to frame in a white piece of paper or other solid white matt finished object in the viewfinder and then push the button in the middle of the selector ring. After that, the white balance will be set and the camera will be in One Push white balance mode.

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