Tech Q&A: What’s the best computer for a beginner?

When making just about any purchase, we sometimes are drawn to buying an inexpensive entry-level product for ourselves or someone else who is just getting started.

Let’s consider the guitar for example. A beginner might start with one that’s $100. Later, if they really decide they want to stick with it, they will purchase a $200-$500 guitar. However, the ‘beginner’ guitar may be harder to play than the high-end guitar. A nicer guitar is more finely made, with the strings closer to the frets, making it easy to touch the strings and have a solid contact.

The same principle is true for computers. A novice and beginner would be more likely to download programs that can slow down a computer — making a slower low-end cheap computer almost unusable. For this reason, the best computer for a beginner would be a faster computer that is powerful enough to handle the extra stuff a person might put on it. It’s also quicker to repair when the inevitable problem comes along.

By purchasing a nicer computer, the beginner won’t have the disruption, cost, and time loss of upgrading later — at least for not a while.

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