Apple Computer Slow with AccountSD High CPU Usage and Fans Spinning Fast

You may notice that your Apple MacBook or iMac computer is running slow, the fans are spinning very fast, and the Activity Monitor (found inside of Applications > Utilities) indicates very high CPU usage for the accountsd process. If you have a multi-core processor the percentage of CPU usage may exceed 100% because more than one full CPU is dedicated to serving that task.

The accountsd process seems to have something to do with the System Preferences > Internet Accounts functions including the real-time continuous notification system. This is why it may seem that some runaway task has monopolized your computer’s CPU and is causing it to slow down.

According to some Apple Discussion threads about this issue, Google accounts may be causing problems. However, our tests show that the CPU usage remained high even after deleting all Google accounts. Other accounts that could cause high CPU usage would be Facebook or Twitter since they are always monitoring for recent updates to notify you about.

Removing unnecessary accounts can help get the CPU usage down to about 30-40% which will result in the fans not running so fast.

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