Get $14,000 in Software for $99 with Microsoft Office 365


You’ve probably heard of Microsoft Office 365, the $99 per year subscription service that includes the full suite of Microsoft’s latest Office 2016 software, plus some other software.

Is an Annual Subscription a Good Deal?

Most people think of subscription services as a rip-off. Instead of paying annually, they’d rather purchase Microsoft Office for about $130 as a one-time purchase and keep it forever. However, every 2 or 3 years Microsoft releases a new version and it’s generally a good idea to stay current.

Here’s what you get for the $99 per year subscription fee to Office 365.

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint ($125 on Amazon)
  • Outlook ($220 on Amazon)
  • Publisher ($240 on Amazon)
  • Access ($110 on Amazon)
  • One Note
  • 1,000 GB of cloud storage with OneDrive
  • Email services with Outlook online


But Wait, There’s More

Using the Microsoft Office 365 subscription, you can install the above software on 5 computers (a $3,475 value), or share the subscription with four other people (or any mix of installs and shares). When you share with others, they can install on 5 of their own computers or devices.

So, if you use the purchasing user account for one of the installations (required), then share your Office 365 subscription with four people, there can be a potential for a total of 21 computers to have the full suite of software listed above.

That’s 21 computers with $695 in software
for a total of $14,595 in value for only $99 per year.


Keep in mind that the intention of the Office 365 license is to share among people in the same household or family. It’s not for business use or sharing with acquaintances. Each person with a shared account needs to login on their 5 computers with their own Microsoft account to activate the software. Other than this limitation, for those who are able to take full advantage of the subscription, it’s a great deal.

Video Overview of Office 365 Features

The video below provides an overview of Office 365 features.


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