Saving Voice Memos to Your Apple Mac Computer

If you’re using the Voice Memo app on your Apple Mac computer, you may notice that the File menu lacks the Share or Export option found in other Apple software programs.

Follow these steps to save an audio recording to your Apple Mac computer:

  1. Start the Voice Memo program on your Apple Mac computer.
  2. Find and select the audio recording you would like to share.
  3. In the upper right corner of the program, click on the Share icon (a box with an arrow pointing up). You will see a menu of options.
  4. You will notice that options to Export or Save to a destination are not available. If you click on More to explore other options, you won’t find those available there either.
  5. Choose the Mail option which will launch the email software and the file will be shown as an attachment. Right click on the attachment and choose to save it.

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