Remote Support & Training

Remote Services. In addition to providing on-site support and training, we also offer remote online computer support, training, and distance education. We can:

  • Assist with computer purchasing to determine the right system configuration and price
  • Answer your questions about computers and other new technologies
  • Consult on personal development topics such as clutter management, downsizing, fitness, relationships, time management, weight loss, and more
  • Create websites while at the same time teaching you how to manage your own site
  • Design newsletters and other graphics before your eyes
  • Dictate as you speak
  • Diagnose and fixing computer problems
  • Edit documents before your eyes using a writers workshop style of dynamic editing that helps you become a better writer
  • Enhance your computer’s performance by removing unnecessary software
  • Install new software with optimal settings
  • Promote your business through online marketing
  • Provide premium dictation service with a live operator typing as you talk into whatever application you choose. It’s like having a voice guided computer and consultant.
  • Secure your computer with antivirus software
  • Setup printers and other devices
  • Teach about topics such as digital photography, video production, audio production, and website creation

For remote support, we use email, phone, Skype, and/or TeamViewer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Installing TeamViewer. We use TeamViewer for remote computer support and training. Follow the instructions below to install TeamViewer on your computer. We’re happy to help over the phone with the installation.

  1. Click the blue box to the right, or go to
  2. On the resulting web page, scroll down and click on the download button under the heading For the instant customer: TeamViewer QuickSupport
  3. This will begin downloading the TeamViewer QuickSupport software. Allow the software to install and run. Once completed, you’ll be provided with a unique ID and password that will allow secure temporary access to your computer.

Supporting You, Supporting the Environment. Below is a statement by director Gregory Johnson about the benefits of remote support.

I have about three decades of experience in solving computer problems. So, I’m often able to fix issues that arise in just a few minutes. For many of my support calls, I began to see that more of my time was spent traveling than fixing computers. I became concerned about the negative environmental impact of so much unnecessary travel.

Many of our clients are regular travelers and snowbirds who need remote support. Others have moved, but continue to want the support we offer.

So, for 2011, we decided to spend about $1,500 for the lifetime license use of Teamviewer — one of the world’s most secure and trusted remote access programs. Our Premium license also allows for faster connections. It’s a big investment, but worth it.

By reducing travel time, we’re able to save time and money. That savings gets passed on to our clients. By reducing time on the road, it allows us to support more people in less time by covering an unlimited geographic area.

I’ve been able to help people across town, across the country, and across the world without spending any time or money on travel.

Contact us when you’re ready to try out a remote session for support or training.