Our Success

Experience. With over 25 years experience in computing and technology support, we’ve learned how to operate with a high degree of efficiency, and we pass the savings on to you. That’s why we are able to offer such a wide range of services at very competitive rates. Here are the secrets to our success:

  • Cooperative Partnership Business Model. As you can tell by our low rates, we’re not locked into a ‘charging what the market will bear’ mentality. We charge the lowest rate necessary to run our business effectively and efficiently. Our business model is cooperative and partnership oriented. We’ll look for ways to save you money, even if it means less money for us! Why? Because there’s plenty of legitimate and productive client work out there to do without thinking of new ways for customers to give us their money. We’re not interested in sales hype, marketing, and creating artificial consumer demand where it never existed before. That’s not part of the cooperative partnership business model or vision. By having no collections department, no marketing department, and no superficial image of success to maintain, we are able to save thousands of dollars every month and pass those savings on to our valued clients. Click here to read more about the cooperative business model.
  • Debt-Free. We’re a debt-free organization without the overhead of high interest payments.
  • Excellent Clients. It is common knowledge that auto insurance companies are able to offer lower insurance rates to low-risk drivers. Technology consulting is no different. Our clients are some of the easiest individuals and businesses to work with. This saves us considerable time and money, allowing us to offer services at much lower rates.
  • No Collections Department. You’ll still find our friendly and courteous note at the bottom of every invoice stating “Your suggested payment” to let you know that a payment is never demanded, it is only appreciated. This is the practice we’ve used for years and it works fine with our trusted and loyal clients. In our view, the need for a collections department is an indication that a business is doing something wrong.
  • No Competition. It takes a lot of energy and effort to compete with people, and much less energy to cooperate. A competitive mindset doesn’t share ideas freely, but instead invests a lot of time and energy in suing anyone who appears to be copying your own business practices or techniques. The cooperative mindset builds community and competes with others rather than competing against others. When you compete with others, you hope to see everyone excel and succeed. When  you compete against others, you’re only looking out for yourself. Indeed selfishness is at the core of the competitive mindset.
  • No Fancy Car. Trying to maintain an image of success can be costly. Guess who pays for that cost? The customer. We don’t waste your money on fancy cars, gold watches, new suits, expensive dinners, and conspicuous consumption. Our success is measured and reflected in the quality of our work and how it impacts the success of your life and business. In our view, if a business needs to impress people with superficial materialism, that’s an indication that a business is doing something wrong. Transportation to and from most local service calls is by bicycle.
  • No Marketing Department. We have grown over the past 20 years without any formal marketing because of our loyal and satisfied customers who provide us with word-of-mouth advertising.Our clients have done an excellent job of telling colleagues, friends, and family about our services. As a reward, our entire client base enjoys the lower hourly service rates afforded by the absence of a marketing department and associated advertising costs. In our view, the need for a marketing department is an indication that a business is doing something wrong. Our belief is this: “If you offer value, consistency, and excellence, the marketing takes care of itself.”
  • No Office. In the information age, our entire office facility is able to fit inside a notebook computer. Our business associates work from home making large office complexes unnecessary. This saves thousands of dollars.
  • No Warehouse. Because you buy direct, we have no inventory.
    No Advertising. We don’t try to market to the masses with slick and costly advertising campaigns. That’s why we have an unlisted phone number and no yellow page ads or formal advertising. This makes it possible for us to focus on our existing clients and referrals.
  • Shared Website Hosting. Our website hosting is shared with the many organizations and entities of Resources for Life. This costs far less than having a personalized website.
  • Simplified Billing. Most of our clients don’t need a receipt or invoice other than their cleared check. Some clients accept e-mail invoices that save us time and money.
  • We Stay Informed. Every year we review hundreds of websites, magazines, e-mail updates, and catalogs to keep on top of the constant changes in computer technology.