WireTap Studio 1.2.2 Release Notes

WireTap Studio by Ambrosia Software is a utility for Apple Mac computers that allows them to record audio from various sources including programs and the web.

These are the release notes for the 1.2.2 version:

  • Fixed French localization of registration panel. (#7094)
  • Fixed preferences when running in French. (#6979)
  • Fixed missing images in splash screen when running in French. (#6980)
  • Default format on first launch is now AAC. (#6957)
  • Hotkeys now properly default to nothing. (#6951)
  • Tags are again properly added to MP3s. (#6954)
  • File format table column is now wide enough to display all file types. (#6956)
  • Now supports scheduled recordings up to 24 hours in duration. (#6945)
  • Self healer packages more reliably open with Installer.app. (#6974)
  • Prefers “Apple MPEG-4 AudioBooks” over “MPEG-4 Bookmarkable” on systems that support it (10.8+)
  • . (#6986)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the kext to not be upgraded properly. (#6961)
  • Can now edit tags on files that have been imported into the library. (#7004)