PayPal Now Hiring: Only Geeks Need Apply

PayPal is now hiring, but unless you’re a real tech nerd, you probably wouldn’t even know how to apply.

I was on the PayPal website yesterday and was checking out the HTML code of their home page.

Hidden in code was the following text written as a programmer’s notation on the page:


The only link to the jobs page on the PayPal site is at the very bottom of the site in the last line of the footer in small print.

Of course, they are probably interested in hiring more than just geeks and nerds who would read through the HTML of their website, but still it’s a clever way to announce career opportunities.

Job Opening: Technology Coordinator at Scattergood Friends Quaker School

Summary of Position

Scattergood seeks a part-time technology coordinator to begin employment on July 1, 2015.

The school is able to consider this position with other part-time work with the school.

The technology coordinator’s duties incorporate three main areas of responsibility:

  • support for student and staff technology use on campus
  • managing and maintaining the campus network
  • managing and maintaining school-owned information technology hardware

Application Contact

Those interested in applying should contact Thomas Weber by email to

About Scattergood

Established in 1890, Scattergood is an extraordinary Iowa City area college prep boarding and day school known for its progressive academics, organic farm, and prairie. [More…]

Mission: Scattergood Friends School challenges students with a college-preparatory curriculum, farm experience, a shared work program, and community living in the spirit of Quaker faith.

Primary Responsibilities:

Develop a system to be responsive to student and staff needs primarily involving the maintenance and management of 60 computers in 1:1 laptop program with Acer laptops running Windows 7 and 8

  • Ability to upgrade and phase-in new software and hardware
  • General troubleshooting
  • repair and rebuild in timely fashion

Maintain campus wireless network to ensure smoothly operating internet access and work to meet demand for increased bandwidth

  • Access-point and router configuration and troubleshooting
  • Working with internet provider to evaluate connections

Configure and maintain Watchguard Firewall

  • updating policies
  • setting up users
  • traffic monitoring

Manage the school’s Google Apps environment

  • Setting up users/groups and troubleshooting as needed

Work with office manager and academic dean to train teachers to use online grade book (RenWeb)

Setup and maintain peripherals like printers, 3D printer and projectors

  • Provide teachers with ideas and support to incorporate innovative technologies into their classroom practices.

Maintain an orderly work environment and technology office

  • Keeping an accurate inventory of supplies
  • purging of old materials
  • ordering of new supplies

Contact and effectively use outside consults/resources.

Develop and utilize with the Head of School a multi-year technology plan and budget

Skills, Qualifications and Experience:

  • Ability (with high levels of social intelligence) to be responsive to diverse constituent requests.
  • General knowledge of local computer networking
  • Basic understanding of computer anatomy/repair
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Self-directed working habits
  • Experience working with technology support in a professional setting


Job Opening: Senior Database Administrator at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center


There is an opening for a full-time Senior Database Administrator at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center. This position is responsible for data processing, extraction, and integration as well as database development and maintenance of new and existing databases. Successful candidates will have significant experience with SQL databases and strong interpersonal skills.

More information can be found online: