Box World Tour 2014 – Cloud Storage Symposium and Conference


How will changes taking place in the new information economy impact your business?

How will you make sure your workforce is collaborating and managing their content in a way that ensures your business is more competitive and powerful?

Click here to complete the registration form and join us at Box World Tour. You’ll hear from industry leaders such as Aaron Levie, Geoffrey Moore and Whitney Bouck on how the cloud is transforming business in 2014.

At this summit you will:

  • Understand why over 200,000 businesses such as Southwest Airlines, P&G, Schneider Electric, New Balance, Netflix, Spotify, the BBC and more than 97% of Fortune 500 choose Box to power their collaboration and content management
  • Hear about new ways to improve collaboration internally and with external teams, partners and clients
  • Gain insight into how you can quickly make all of your business information and content just as available and secure on mobile devices as on your office desktop
  • Learn how Box can help your business today with in-depth demos, plus a peek into the future of where Box is going

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