Apple Mac OS X iMessage Configuration for Additional Email Accounts



It’s possible to setup iMessage to function with other email addresses. For example, if someone uses your email address (instead of your mobile phone number) to send you a text message (instead of sending you an email to your email address) it’s possible to configure iMessage to recognize that and deliver that text message to the iMessage program on your iOS device(s). This requires an existing Apple iMessage account.


Follow these instructions to configure iMessage to function with an additional email address.

  1. Start iMessage on your Apple computer. Do this by clicking on the Messages icon in your Applications list.
  2. From the Messages menu, choose Preferences.
  3. Click on the Accounts tab.
  4. Choose your iMessage account listed in the left column.
  5. Click on the Add Email button on the right.
  6. Type the new email address in the space provided. Once entered, that address will be gray with a message next to it saying Email Sent. It will remain gray and unchecked until you confirm that you’re the owner of that account.
  7. A message will be sent to this new email address. Be sure to check your Junk folder in case it isn’t delivered directly to your inbox. To ensure proper delivery, you may want to add this email address to your contacts:
  8. You’ll receive an email in the email account for the address you just added in step #6 above. Click the link that says Verify Now >
  9. The link will send you to the My Apple ID page on Apple’s website. Login with your Apple ID cloud account. This step, and the previous two steps, ensure that you are the authentic owner of the email address and also of the Apple cloud account being used.
  10. You should get a message on screen that says, Email address verified.
  11. In iMessage Preferences, the new email address should no longer be gray, but instead be black with a checkmark next to it.

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