Dell Laptop Computer Buyers Guide



It can be hard to make a choice among the many laptop computer options on Dell’s website. This page provides direct links to some of the better choices among the Dell laptop computer offerings.


If you anticipate lots of travel, getting a full warranty, including accidental damage coverage would be helpful.

Battery Life

Plan to order an extra battery for extended times away from power if you travel a lot.


The models listed on this page have 15″ displays. Smaller computers are available for people who want ultra-light computing. Larger 17″ display models are good for those who want a larger screen and don’t care about occasionally carrying around a larger heavier computer. The Inspiron 17 models and Inspiron 17R models are good choices.

How Much to Pay

In general,  you get what you pay for. A more costly computer will be faster and of better quality. There are several models listed here in order by price and performance.

Overview Comparison Chart

An overview of the models listed here can be found in the graphic chart below. Click to enlarge.



Note: The Inspiron 15R Touch i7 ($899) is no longer available as of 28 March 2014 it is not listed as an option on Dell’s website. The Inspiron R series of computers is 17% thinner than previous generations. For $100 more, the Core i7 processor configuration will be faster than the i5, and it comes with 1000GB (1TB) of hard drive storage. Click here to view. (NOTE: This model is no longer available.


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