Internet Security and Surveillance Cameras for Home and Business

Problems With Traditional Surveillance Systems

Traditional video surveillance systems have several cameras all linked to a central controller where video footage is saved. These are generally costly to purchase and maintain. Having equipment on-site means that it is vulnerable to being stolen or damaged, leaving no recorded video.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Surveillance

Newer video security monitoring systems have off-site storage of video recordings and provide easy viewing of live or recorded videos from computers, tablets, and smart phones. Wired or wireless cameras function independently and even if a camera is damaged, the video recording leading up to the incident will be preserved off-site.

Video Surveillance Vendors

Here are a few companies to consider when shopping for security and surveillance cameras:

Home Automation

These products enhance automated care of home or office.

Product Videos

Below are videos about innovations in video surveillance.


Activity Zones

Dropcam has a cool feature that allows you to define activity zones. If there’s motion in a defined area, the camera will identify that and you can view only activity for a certain zone if you like.



TRENDNET (5/30/2012)

TRENDnet’s new free SecurView Pro IP camera management software sets new performance and feature standard

TORRANCE, Calif. –May 30, 2012TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking hardware brand, today announces the availability of new industry leading SecurView Pro IP camera management software.

SecurView Pro software will be included with every new TRENDnet IP camera launched to market. It is compatible with all existing TRENDnet IP camera models, and will be phased into existing IP camera packaging in the coming months. Customers who own an existing compatible camera, or who have recently purchased a camera with older software are invited to download the new software free from TRENDnet’s website. SecurView Pro is compatible with Windows 7 and Microsoft Server 2008, it offers low CPU loading, and can manage up to 32 TRENDnet IP cameras.

SecurView Pro video tour:

SecurView Pro provides users with extensive camera viewing options including preset viewing modes, custom viewing layouts, and full screen mode. Side, top, and bottom tool bars can be hidden to increase the video viewing field. Managers can drag and drop live feeds to a new location; define camera cycle viewing sequences; and force video with motion to the front of the viewing screen.

Users can define a combination of weekly recording schedules and motion detection recording; program motion detection areas of any shape; integrate alarm system event triggers with IP cameras; set date, time, and text overlays per camera; and define mask overlays to conceal sensitive areas.

Zero loss architecture is provided with the ability to record a single video stream to multiple locations simultaneously. Manage recording files by recording time or by space allocation. Handy recording statistics help manage files and a disk cleaning feature condenses and optimizes old files.

Search and playback functionality is particularly advanced. A navigation timeline provides a quick visual reference to recorded content by displaying when video and motion was recorded over a set time. Users can save significant time using the option to search continuous recordings by motion event, within a defined area of the viewing field. Time lapse playback provides yet another useful search option. The Map feature allows users to map cameras onto an image such as an office floor plan, or onto Google Maps™.

“Free management software included with IP cameras is often cited as having high CPU loading and few advanced features,” stated Sonny Su, technology director for TRENDnet. “Our goal when we started redesigning TRENDnet’s camera software was to set a new standard for performance and functionality. I think customers who experience SecurView Pro software will agree that we hit a home run.”

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