Republic Wireless Misinformation About Motorola Moto X Motomaker

Moto X Moto Maker is NOT Discontinued

If you visit the  Moto X page on the Republic Wireless website, you’ll see in big print that the phone can be customized, and there’s a bright green button that states, “Design your Moto X Now.”

If you click on that button, you’ll be taken to a page with this statement on their website:

Customizable Moto Maker options for Moto X have ended as of 9/23/14. Normally this page would tell you you’re leaving Republic Wireless to go build your very own Moto X on Moto Maker. But! All the Moto X Moto Maker phones are sold out. No more. Done-zo. All gone. Finito.

This statement would lead people to believe that the customizable Moto X design is no longer available. That’s just not true, as can be seen on the Motorola Moto Maker web page.

Poor Customer Service Experience

If you try to engage in a chat session with customer service at Republic Wireless,  you’ll likely be mistreated. At least that was my experience (see transcript below). In fact, had the customer service person been a little less defensive, this article might not even have been written.

Here’s the customer service chat exchange from today at 1:43 PM inquiring about this issue:

Republic Wireless (Brandon)

Hi, How may I help you?


On this page, you prominently advertise the Moto X and the ability to customize it: https://republicwire…

There’s a button that says, “Design Your Moto X Now”

Clicking on the button takes you here:

Here’s the statement on that page:

Customizable Moto Maker options for Moto X have ended as of 9/23/14. Normally this page would tell you you’re leaving Republic Wireless to go build your very own Moto X on Moto Maker. But! All the Moto X Moto Maker phones are sold out. No more. Done-zo. All gone. Finito.

Republic Wireless (Brandon)

We recently stopped the Moto Maker option. If you go onto our main page you will see that the link is not there anymore. It ended on Sept 23


… but Moto Maker wasn’t an option on your site, it was and still is an option on the Motorola site. The statement is a bit misleading.

For those really wanting a customized Motorola phone, it is actually still available.

Telling the truth may result in your losing customers, but it’s the right thing to do.

Republic Wireless (Brandon)

I am telling you the truth. The Moto Maker option through Republic ended on Sept. 23


What I’m saying is that the statement on your site is a bit misleading, that’s all.

Some people really like the idea of making a custom phone. They will be lead to believe that option isn’t available any more. So, they will just go ahead and get a non-customized phone through Republic Wireless. Then later, they will find out that they could have had that amazing customized phone they really wanted, but they would have had to go with another carrier. This is the point left our on your website.

All I’m saying is that for those customers who forgo the customized phone, believing (from reading on your site that it’s no longer available), those people will feel mislead.

Your statement should read, “You can still customize your own Moto X phone, but if you do, you’ll need to find another carrier. Republic Wireless only offers two designs (black and white) of the Moto X.” It’s really just that simple. Just let people know that there’s another option.

Republic Wireless (Brandon)

Thanks for insight. However, if you click on the link, we are not misleading. We are making it clear that Moto Maker option is not available through Republic as well as giving you the date. Also, we are allowing you to sign up for updates in case the option becomes available with future devices.

Brandon has closed the chat.

Rude Customer Service Person

While I was typing a reply, the chat was abruptly ended by the customer service representative (Brandon). This is the equivalent of hanging up the phone on someone.

Republic Wireless Website

The image below is a snapshot from the Moto Maker page on the Republic Wireless website from 30 September 2014 at 2:00 PM CT. They are leaving their Moto Maker landing page live, presumably to bring in search traffic, then misleading people into believing the Moto Maker is discontinued. Click the image for a larger view.


Republic Wireless Statement

After Tweeting about this issue, using the @republicwireless tag, there was an immediate response from the company via a direct Twitter message stating the following:

“Not even sure where to start with that one. 1st Gen Moto X phones were sold out on the Moto Maker site. They have since been replaced with 2nd Gen Moto X options available for pre-order through certain carriers. Regardless – Moto X phones on Moto Maker with RW service are currently unavailable. While we may understandably be in one of the most hated industries known to man we’re a small startup of people trying to disrupt said industry b/c we feel the same pain points with it you do.”

That said, apologies you were left unsatisfied with you chat session. Brandon is one of our favs and we’re glad to talk.

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