Apple Connect to Server Error: The share does not exist on the server.


On Apple computers, there’s an option to Connect to Server. This is found in the Go menu of the Apple Finder (file browser). You can also get to this by pressing the Command+K keys. Normally, you would type in a server address, or use a previously saved address to access your files. Sometimes a person will send you a server address to copy and paste into the Server Address box.

Copy and Paste Problem

If in the process of copying and pasting, you mistakenly get additional text, perhaps a line or two of text below the server address, and copy that into the Server Address box, the additional lines won’t be visible.

If you save this pasted address, and it shows up under Favorite Servers, it still will not show that you’ve actually pasted in several lines of text.

Problem Connecting to the Server

Every time you attempt to Connect to this server address, you will get the following error box:


Diagnosing the Problem

To discover whether or not this has happened to you (additional text was pasted in), open your Connect to Server dialog box as shown below. The Server Address example displayed below actually has two lines of text. There’s a second hidden line of text.

Place your cursor at the end of the typed server address, and press the right arrow key or down arrow key. This will scroll down to additional lines. Alternatively, you can select all (Command+A) and then copy (Command+C) and past (Command+V) into a TextEdit or a Word Processing program to see what’s been previously pasted into the Server Address field.


When attempting to clean up this problem, be sure to select all text in the Server Address field and press delete. Also click / select any saved addresses that don’t work and remove them.

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