When Windows Updates Crash Your Computer

Problem Summary

Let’s say you recently restored your Windows 8 computer to ‘like new’ condition using the recovery feature that most computers have.

You’ll need to install all of the updates that were released since the computer was new. That could be over 100 updates.

During this process, if you select all of the updates and install them at one time, it may cause some conflict that will result in the computer not starting properly.

Then you’ll get a message stating the computer is reverting to a previous state, and urging you not to turn off the computer. Yet, it never completes this process.


In general, whenever you see a long list of Windows Updates that need to be installed, it’s a good idea to install them a few at a time.

The updates are numbered with a corresponding KB… number. You can start by installing a few or a dozen of the lower numbered updates. This could be helpful since later updates will likely assume the earlier ones (possibly pre-requisites) have already been installed.

Installing the same batch of updates a few at a time could mean the difference between a working computer or a non-working computer.

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