Mobile Phone Wireless Carriers

This is a short list of mobile phone wireless service providers to consider:

  • – Fairly good coverage. Economical pricing for shared data plans. $100/mo. for 10GB shared among several phones. Out of contract smart phones are $15/mo. extra on the shared family plan. So, it’s possible to have 10GB shared among three phones for about $145.
    • Drawbacks: While AT&T has fairly good coverage, it definitely is spotty. For this reason, AT&T sells a MicroCell product (for about $100 to $150) that you can buy if the signal in your home is inadequate. The MicroCell connects to your Internet router. This, of course, requires that you purchase Internet service at home.
  • – Good coverage from coast to coast. Get 10GB data and unlimited everything else for $55/mo. (after auto pay discount).  Second line is $10 off, Third line is $20 off. Fourth line is $30 off. Then $40 off on the fifth line. Save $100 with five lines. Other plans are $40 for 1GB, $50 for 3GB.
    • Drawbacks: Limited store locations. Walmart is listed as the local store for most locations.
  • – Mobile phone plans starting at $3 per month.
  • – Unlimited data, text, talk for $40 a month.
  • – Unlimited everything for $5 per month over wireless. Other plans are at $10, $25, and $40/mo. Make and receive calls over WiFi or mobile.
    • Drawbacks: Limited phone selection. Lower priced plans only include 3G coverage. Higher priced plan is 4G only and not LTE.
  • – Get 20GB data for $100/mo + $15 per phone up to 10 phones (offer good through 2015). Or, $60 for one phone plan with unlimited data.
  • – Get 5GB data for $70/mo or unlimited for $80/mo. Or, four phones for $130/mo with each phone getting 2.5GB data and the primary phone getting unlimited data.
    • Drawbacks: Limited LTE and 4G coverage and limited store locations. Many areas only served by 3G.
  • – Typically has very good coverage.
    • Drawbacks: Service plans are fairly expensive. For example, with AT&T, fast 4G LTE service would be about $145. With Verizon it’s $220.

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