Evernote 5.7 Features

These are the features and enhancements for Evernote 5.7 and some of the other recent updates. So often we install updates without taking a moment to read the details about enhancements that we might want to take advantage of.

Version 5.7.0

Premium feature: Context

  • Context displays notes, articles, and people related to what you’re working on
  • View related articles from The Wall Street Journal and other sources and related people from LinkedIn and your business

Presentation Mode has been improved with a fresh look and new features

  • Use the layout panel to navigate your presentation and add dividers
  • Images are now presented from screen-edge to screen-edge
  • Beautifully styled tables make your information stand out

Other improvements:

  • Send messages to share notes and discuss things you’re working on without leaving Evernote
  • Bug and stability fixes

Version 5.6.2

At Evernote, we believe that speed and stability are essential for productivity. That’s why we’ve completely rewritten Evernote for Mac. It may look familiar but it’s significantly faster, more reliable and consumes less energy than ever before. We’ve also snuck in some new features!


  • Sync is more than 3x faster. Users with lots of shared notebooks and Evernote Business users will see the biggest improvements.
  • New notes sync instantly so they’re immediately accessible on your other devices.
  • Share notes without waiting for a sync to complete.
  • Launch and quit times have been reduced dramatically.
  • New keyboard shortcuts have been added to jump to the note list for easy navigation (CMD + |) and you can now tab between the search field, the note list, current note title and note body.
  • Energy consumption when the app is idle has been significantly reduced.

New features:

  • Tables can now be resized, and have configurable background colors and border styles.
  • Images can be resized right in the note editor. Just click an image and drag the handle in the bottom right corner.
  • Search results are now ordered by relevance.
  • Faster notebook selector at the top of the note list remembers your recently used notebooks.
  • Redesigned checkboxes in the note editor are easier to click.
  • Evernote will now stay logged in by default.
  • Search your notes with Spotlight.


  • We’ve closed over 500 bugs including more than 150 types of crashes.
  • Our crash reporting system has been completely rebuilt.
  • Removed repeated offline alerts
  • In list view, the relevance column can now be hidden from search results
  • Resolved an issue that caused note conflicts when sharing new notes
  • Squashed bugs related to migration from the Mac App Store version

Version 5.5.2 (07/02/2014) build 402634

  • Various bug and stability fixes

Version 5.5.1 (03/25/2014) build 402628

  • Various bug and stability fixes:
    • Improvements to Descriptive Search
    • Note you are working on stays in focus during sync
    • Improved searching through large documents

Version 5.5 (02/04/2014) build 402491

Version 5.5 (02/04/2014) build 402489

  • New Feature: Descriptive Search
    • Find what you want in the most natural way ever. Search your notes by place (“Tokyo”), file contents (“Documents” or “Images”), date ranges and more.
    • Searches to try:
      • “notes with PDFs”
      • “notes from Paris”
      • “recipes created last week”
    • This feature is currently available in English only.
  • Various bug and stability fixes:
    • Fixed: Screenshots including Quick Note Helper window
    • Fixed: Evernote window issues
    • Business card scanning improvements
    • Fixed: sync issues which may have caused crashing

Version 5.4.5 (01/04/2014) build 402372

  • Bug fixes

Version 5.4.5 (01/04/2014) build 402367

  • Bug fixes

Version 5.4.4 (12/04/2013) build 402282

Stability improvements and bug fixes

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Content scrolls when dragging window
  • Fixed: Issues attaching documents in OS X 10.6
  • Fixed: Large notes showing blank spots

Known issue: Spotlight does not index notes created on OS X 10.9. We are working on a fix.

Version 5.4.3 (11/15/2013) build 402231

Improved support for OS X 10.9

New Markup Features

  • Rotate or delete pages from a PDF
  • Add a markup summary page to annotated PDFs
  • Easily clear all markup
  • Flip or rotate images

Other Fixes

  • Improved support for dragging images from web browsers
  • Various bug and crash fixes

Known issue: Spotlight does not index notes created on OS X 10.9. We are working on a fix.

Version 5.4.1 (10/09/2013) build 402013

Bug fixes

Version 5.4.0 (10/03/2013) build 401989

Introducing Evernote Business 2.0

  • Business Home makes your company smarter than ever
    • Get to know your members of your business and learn about their recent activity by browsing their profiles
    • Discover notebooks and notes published by your coworkers, find popular notebooks and top contributors
    • Search and browse notes in every Business Notebook you have access to and preview notes before you join notebooks
  • Expertise Discovery: searching your notes also displays related people and provides access to shared notes in your business
  • Convert personal notebooks to business notebooks

Other New Features

  • Mark up images, PDFs and whole notes from within Evernote

Bug fixes

Version 5.3.0 (09/18/2013) build 401872

New Premium Feature: Presentation Mode

  • Present your notes in a beautifully laid out, full-screen view with one click
  • Dual screen support: Present on one screen while taking notes on the other
  • Display images, documents and attachments in the presentation
  • Use the laser pointer feature to help everyone follow along

Improved Premium Feature: Related Notes

  • See up to five Related Notes at the bottom of the Note Editor

New Evernote Business Feature

  • Easily convert personal notebooks into Business notebooks

Other enhancements

  • Redesigned search highlighting
  • Evernote Food notes are now editable
  • Right-click on a note to convert it to a PDF

Version 5.1.1 (05/21/2013) build 401255

  • New Features
    • Reminders: Never forget important and in-progress notes
      • Adding a reminder pins the note to the top of your note list
      • Add a due date to receive in-app and email notifications
      • Mark notes as Done when you complete them
      • See reminders and get notifications for notes in shared notebooks
    • Enhanced security with XAuth
      • View all applications that access your account from Evernote Web Settings
    • Redesigned vertical list view shows more notes on-screen
    • New text styles: Superscript (CMD Ctrl +) and Subscript (CMD Ctrl -)
    • Edit your Saved Searches
  • Other improvements
    • Copy/paste improvements
    • Numerous stability improvements
    • Various search improvements

Version 5.0.7 (03/12/2013) build 400995

  • This update addresses a security issue that requires you to reset your password. Details on blog.evernote.com
  • Re-designed menu bar Helper called Quick Note: Create a note any time by clicking the helper or CMD+CTRL+N
  • Various bug and localization fixes

Version 5.0.5 (01/24/2013) build 400808

  • New Features
    • Shortcuts are synced with your Evernote account
    • Searches can be scoped to “My Notes” which excludes shared Notes
    • Business users can scope searches to “Personal Notes” or “Business Notes”
    • Notes clipped using Evernote Clearly are beautifully styled
    • AppleScript can create checkboxes in ENML
    • In Expanded Card View, pressing Return opens Notes
    • New button to jump to a Note’s Notebook from the Note Editor
    • Command-click to multi-select Tags in the Sidebar
  • Other improvements
    • Large accounts sync much more reliably
    • Tags from Joined Notebooks now appear correctly
    • Corrected image and link pasting issues
    • PDF printing is more reliable
    • Fixed Snow Leopard Sidebar visual glitches
    • Fixed crash when taking screenshots
    • Korean image indexing is greatly improved
    • Reduced CPU/memory usage
    • Fixes to Saved Searches
    • Various fixes for Evernote Business
    • Improved handling of Tags in AppleScript

Version 5.0.4 (12/12/2012) build 400704

Stability enhancements

Version 5.0.3 (12/06/2012) build 400675

  • Bug Fixes

Version 5.0.2 (12/03/2012) build 400649

New Features

  • New Premium feature: Related Notes in the note editor
  • Drag-and-drop Notes onto Notebooks and Tags in the Sidebar
  • Added an option to show Note counts in the Sidebar
  • Added a Trash button to the Note Editor

Other Improvements

  • Nested tags stay visible
  • Fixed Atlas for Portuguese users
  • Fixed Local Notebook creation
  • Fixed “notebook:” and “tag:” searching
  • Better high-DPI image handling in the Note Editor
  • Reduced CPU/memory usage
  • Various bug and localization fixes

Version 5.0.1 (11/27/2012) build 400591

New Features

  • Drag-and-drop Notes onto Notebooks and Tags in the Sidebar
  • Added an option to show Note counts in the Sidebar
  • Added a Trash button to the Note Editor

Other Improvements

  • Fixed Local Notebook creation
  • Fixed “notebook:” and “tag:” searching
  • Better high-DPI image handling in the Note Editor
  • Reduced CPU/memory usage
  • Various bug and localization fixes

Version 5.0.0 (11/15/2012) build 400539

Evernote 5 has been redesigned with over 100 new features including:

Left Sidebar

  • Shortcuts: Drag notebooks, notes, and tags to the left pane for quick access
  • Recent notes: Lets you quickly get back to notes from anywhere in Evernote
  • Notebooks and Tags view: Organize your Evernote more efficiently

Browsing and Creating Notes

  • Atlas: Browse your notes visually by geographic location
  • Card and Snippet views: A better way to browse notes
  • Scalable note editor: A more elegant way to create notes, both big and small
  • Full-screen single note view: Excellent for composing notes without distractions
  • Change a note’s location: Type a place manually or click the compass arrow in note info
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts: Learn more on our What’s New page
  • Shared banner: Indicates how many people have access to content in shared notebooks
  • Better simple and plain text handling: Simplify notes to remove complex formatting or convert them to plain text
  • Indent text: Evernote for Mac now supports text indentation
  • Notes created on the Mac are now tagged with location information for Atlas

Smarter Search

  • Type ahead search: Completes your thoughts with suggestions from your account
  • Search Personal and Joined notebooks: Search your entire account from one place
  • Search options: Powerful new feature that lets you easily filter your search


  • Better sharing: Notebooks and shared notebooks are all in one place
  • Mountain Lion notifications: See Evernote activity in Notification Center
  • Joined notebooks can be added to stacks

Other Improvements

  • Lots of stability improvements
  • Sync improvements: Faster, more reliable sync
  • Explore Evernote: First launch experience that helps you get the most out of Evernote

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