Samsung Fingerprint Reader Design Flaw

Samsung includes biometric security in their premium smartphones through a fingerprint reader on the home button. Unfortunately, the system requires two hands to operate. Holding the phone in one hand and trying to swipe the thumb (for example) typically won’t work. Also, their system only learns a maximum of three fingers.

If fingerprint biometrics is a convenience you’d like, you may want to consider an Apple iPhone.

Apple first introduced biometric security in their iPhone 5S. A really nice feature about the Apple implementation of a fingerprint reader is that you simply need to touch the home button, and it reads your fingerprint — and it does it quite consistently with great accuracy. This means that you can hold the phone with one hand and unlock it — while carrying something, holding hands with your date, or while riding a bicycle (for example).

Apple also allows you to record up to five fingerprints, enough to accommodate those you choose to share your phone with.

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