Motorola Moto G Back Cover Removal

Back Cover Design

The back cover of the Moto G has some exceptional benefits. Along the top and long edges of the phone, where the back cover snaps on, there’s a very tight seal that you’ll have a hard time inserting a fingernail or anything else in. This smooth tight design makes the phone feel smooth in your hand and it keeps out dust and debris.

Back Cover Case Removal

On the bottom of the phone, where the Micro USB connector jack is, it’s possible to insert a small object to twist and separate the back cover from the phone. An ideal object would be something like a wooden clothespin (the side you press with your fingers). This fits in the Micro USB opening and is soft enough not to damage or mar the phone.  You don’t want to jam anything all the way into the Micro USB port. Just twisting 1/16th of an inch inside that opening is enough to open the back cover. Then, using a fingernail, you can carefully pry the rest of the cover off.


MicroSD and SIM Cards

The SIM card is spring loaded. When inserting it, you’ll feel resistance until it’s all the way in, and then as you let go, it will come back and lock in place. To remove it, simply press in with your fingernail to release the lock mechanism and it will come out.

The MicroSD card is held in by friction only. To remove it, use your fingernail to grab the top ridge and pull it directly out.

So, in summary, pull to remove the MicroSD card, but push in to remove the SIM card.

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