Q&A with InvestInTech.com Makers of Able2Extract PDF Converter

Getting to Know Investintech.com: Helpful PDF Resources, Tutorials and Tools

Q: You’ve developed some great online technology tutorials. What topics are available and which ones seem to be the most popular?

MS Office for iPad Tips is one of our newer projects that we started working on as soon as Microsoft launched the apps for iPad. We knew that there’d be a huge interest in the apps, but as is the case with many great projects and tools out there, people don’t have much time to learn how to use them. We realized it would be extremely helpful to develop easy-to-read, straightforward tutorials with screenshots and images that clearly show what a Microsoft user needs to do in order to start using MS Office on their iPad.

With this goal in mind, we created a handful of quick guides to using Word, Excel and PowerPoint on iPad. We even included some general tips and advice on how to make the most of MS Office apps for iPad with a free Microsoft account. Basically, you can find out everything important about Microsoft for iPad in these tutorials, from learning how to print in Office for iPad and how to access MS documents saved on our PC from the iPad, to discovering how to make charts in Word and PowerPoint and how to freeze columns and rows in MS Excel.

We took the time to find out what it is about MS Office for iPad that creates the most headache to users, and we tried to answer their most common questions in these articles. We’ll constantly be updating the user guide with new tips.

Q: The Adobe PDF format has increasingly become a standard for stand-alone documents as well as content delivered through the Internet (as an alternative to HTML pages) when formatting/layout standardization across multiple platforms is desired. However, Adobe Acrobat Pro is very expensive, and not very user friendly. What does your PDF product offer? What is the cost compared to Adobe Acrobat Pro? Are there features your product has that Adobe Acrobat Pro doesn’t have?

One of the advantages of Investintech’s PDF solutions over Adobe’s is that they are very affordable. Also, at almost the fourth of Adobe Acrobat Pro’s price, users can enjoy high quality conversions that Investintech’s flagship PDF software, Able2Extract, provides.

Adobe Acrobat Pro costs $499 and Able2Extract Professional can be purchased for $139. Both the standard and professional version of Able2Extract can be used on all three major platforms, Windows, Mac and Linux, while Adobe Acrobat Pro is not available to Linux users.

It is not only the matter of price that makes Investintech’s product more appealing. Able2Extract’s conversion features are quite impressive. While Adobe Acrobat Pro can only convert to Excel, Word and PowerPoint, Able2Extract includes the following high-quality conversion options: PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML, AutoCAD, OpenOffice, Images and it can also convert Text files to Excel, Word and PDF. Able2Extract PDF Converter’s major strength is its custom PDF to Excel option that allows users to manually tweak their output prior to conversion, and everyone who’s dealt with MS Excel recognizes this feature as a serious advantage.

Finally, Able2Extract’s intuitive, user-friendly GUI is high on the list of features that users like about our product. It makes the tool really easy to use, allowing users of any computer skill level to make quick conversions to different file formats.

Clearly, the range of options that Able2Extract offers, in combination with the tool’s price, is a much more attractive package to business professionals looking for powerful PDF conversion solutions.

Q: What makes your company unique?

Investintech.com is the most widely known for top quality PDF conversions for Excel users. Though its flagship product, Able2Extract, is created to cater to the needs of many different types of business professionals, from designers and architects who use AutoCAD to MS Office and OpenOffice users, we focused the most on Excel.

Our PDF solutions are widely used by accountants, auditors, finance analysts, bankers, and other finance and data scientists who use MS Excel spreadsheets for data processing and analysis. Since in the past many people complained about PDF to Excel conversion tools on the market at the time, especially the fact that the formatting and layout of Excel files are often lost after the conversion, Investintech developers put much of their efforts into creating an advanced, custom PDF to Excel creation feature that Able2Extract is now praised for. This feature allows users to tweak their Excel columns and rows structure prior to conversion, so that the formatting is exactly as it should be after the conversion.

Another feature of Able2Extract that brought Investintech a lot of recognition is the tool’s cross-platform operability, which enables users of the three major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) to use the software. It’s worth noting that Able2Extract was the first PDF converter on the market that introduced the cross-platform feature.

Q: What else does your company offer to its users?

Though Able2Extract is developed for and mostly used by business and individual professionals, we recognize the fact that not everyone around the globe can afford robust PDF software with a wide range of PDF conversion options. That is why we are working on developing some simple, quick and free online PDF conversion tools that people can find helpful.

We’ve already developed mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that help users smoothly convert and create PDFs for free. We also offer a range of other free tools for converting .docx to .doc, PDF to HTML and some inspirational templates for creating PowerPoint presentations and website designs.

We believe that the Internet’s potential for free and easy transfer of knowledge and information should really be used to the fullest. That is why we put a lot of energy into informing and teaching our readers about topics of interest to them, via our website, the company blog and our social media channels. Here they can find many articles, entertaining tips, helpful tutorials, must-have software lists, and some funny tech updates as well. Our wish is to spread the word about the usefulness of our PDF solutions, but also to help people manage their documents and files in the most productive and efficient way.


A Note from Greg Johnson

I had an opportunity recently to connect with the friendly people at InvestInTech.com — the developers of the Able2Extract PDF converter software.

Being a writer of support documentation, I was really impressed with the free online support documentation they developed for the iPad version of Microsoft Office.

After learning a little more about their company, and the PDF product they offer, I thought it would be nice to offer the above Q&A to introduce them to my website visitors and subscribers. I wrote up the questions and they graciously provided the answers.

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