Olympus Digital Audio Recorder Erase All

If you’re using an Olympus digital audio recorder and would like to erase all recordings, follow these instructions.

  1. Power on the recorder by sliding the hold switch to the on position.
  2. Press the Folder/Index button until you see the folder icon with the letter A appear in the display.
  3. If Folder A is empty, you’ll see 00/00 recordings indicated. So, press the Folder/Index button again and advance to any folder with recordings in it.
  4. Once you arrive at a folder with recordings, you’ll see that listed in the display as recording number / total recordings in folder (such as 01/03 for recording 1 of 3).
  5. Press the Erase button once. This will indicate you want to erase the current audio recording. You’ll see Erase: Cancel displayed. Press the Erase button again to indicate you’d like to erase all recordings in the folder. You’ll see the word ALL in the display, and Erase: Cancel below it.
  6. Press the Right arrow. You’ll see Erase: Start below the word ALL.
  7. Press the Play button. This will begin the process of erasing all recordings in the current folder.

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