Laptop Computer 2.5″ Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) Options

SSD Drives as of 2017

As of 7 Mar 2017, the latest technology for SSD drives is the Crucial MX300. Click the size offerings below for the product page. Click here for the latest solid state drive offerings.

The information below was current as of 2015 and remains here for reference purposes.

SSD Drives as of 2015

There are many 2.5″ solid state hard drives available. Crucial offers an excellent selection of solid state drives that offer speed, value, and reliability.

The MX200 model is the newest model as of January 2016. It is faster, uses less power, and has a longer lifespan. Prices shown below are as of 8 January 2016. [Buy Now]

  • 250GB ($89)
  • 500GB ($165)
  • 1TB ($351)

The MX200 also has many other reliability and security features included.

The BX100 is an older model that is slower, uses less power, and has a shorter lifespan. Prices shown here are as of 23 Feb 2015. [Buy Now]

  • 128GB ($68)
  • 250GB ($99)
  • 500GB ($184)
  • 1TB ($379)

Product Photos

The images below are for the BX100 but are similar to the MX200.


Document History

  • 7 Mar 2017 at 8:54 AM CST. The models and pricing were updated on 7 Mar 2017.
  • 23 Feb 2015 at 8:59 PM CST. This document was first published on 23 Feb 2015.

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