Apple iPhone 6 Plus Clear Cases

There are a variety of cases available for the iPhone 6 Plus. One of the best values is the Insignia clear case (shown below) available at Best Buy for about $15 or available from Amazon as the Flexion case for about $13.

Design Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of this case design:

  1. Slim. This case design is light, slim, and contoured so it retains the very thin design of the iPhone 6 Plus.
  2. Protective. It is thick enough to prevent scratches to the surface.
  3. Screen Care. There is a slightly raised edge on the face of the cover to protect the glass surface if the phone is placed face down.
  4. Secure Grip. The case has just the right amount of grip so the phone doesn’t slip out of your hand, yet slides into a pocket easily.
  5. Modifiable. As with just about any case, the power and volume buttons aren’t as easy to push with the case on. Fortunately with this case, a modification can be made by using a box cutter or similar sharp cutting tool to very carefully cut out a hole for easier access to the power button. Volume buttons are less of a concern since volume isn’t adjusted as frequently.

For the price, this is an excellent case. If you need something with more protection, you can view ruggedized cases on Amazon.

Insignia Clear Case

Click any image below for a larger gallery view. Click here to buy.

Flexion Clear Case

Click any image below for a larger gallery view. Click here to buy.

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