Economical Standing Workstation Computer Desk Solution

The website lists many proven clinical health benefits of standing more at work.

The cost of an adjustable standing workstation can be hundreds of dollars, and many companies are spending thousands of dollars to purchase adjustable standing workstation conversion kits for all of their employees.

An option that may be more practical and cost-effective would be to consider all-in-one touchscreen computers like the one shown here that can accommodate working while standing up or sitting down. The model shown here is a Dell All-In-One 9010. The current version of this computer is the 9030 model for $900 (there’s currently a $385 discount off the $1285 price).

No other expensive equipment or office furniture is required. These work well with existing office furniture. With the screen tilted up it is possible to use the onscreen keyboard and the touchscreen replaces the need for a mouse. When sitting it is possible to switch back to the traditional keyboard and mouse interaction. This approach could save hundreds of dollars per person, and the health benefits would be significant.

Another health benefit of this workstation configuration is that by using the touchscreen display the left and right hands are engaged in the touchscreen activity rather than having a very narrowly defined mouse clicking action performed solely by one hand — which can lead to repetitive stress injuries.


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