Windows 10 – Show My Computer Icon on Desktop

For decades, Windows has had the familiar My Computer icon on the desktop as a way to easily get to the hard drive, and with a right-click get access to more options.

With Windows 10, the My Computer icon is absent by default. This is presumably to keep users from accidentally accessing system files and causing problems on their computer. When enabled, the icon is called This PC.

To get the My Computer icon back, follow these steps.

  1. Right click anywhere in the desktop area to view a context sensitive pop-up menu (as shown below) and click on Personalize.


  2. From the Personalization menu, choose Themes > Theme Settings. Click image for larger view.


  3. Select the icons you would like displayed on the desktop for your user account. Click image for larger view.


  4. Click the OK button when done and close out of the Personalization menu.

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