Managing and Reducing Smart Phone Apps for iPhone and Android

Too many programs on a computer or mobile device use up storage space. Since mobile devices are generally more limited on storage, there’s even more reason to keep the list of installed apps to a minimum. Mobile devices also use up over-the-air mobile data plan quotas, and the updating process takes time and can slow down your device.

One approach to curating the collection of apps is to do it over time. As you’re notified of pending updates, review the programs that are being updated and consider if each program is really necessary.

Another approach is to conduct a complete inventory of programs installed on your device.

It’s common to ‘try out’ an app by downloading it and using it a little. Consider removing the apps that you tried and never used.

Some apps have duplicate purposes and uses. Consider reducing to the best one of the bunch.

Reducing apps can help declutter your screen, save space, save data usage, and speed up  your phone. You’ll be glad you did.

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