Apple iPad Pro Pencil Stylus Actually DOES Have a Magnetic Mount

When Apple introduced the iPad Pro and optional Pencil stylus, reviews in the tech media and journals were quick to compare it with the Microsoft Surface. One of the primary criticisms was that the Apple Pencil didn’t magnetically hold to the iPad Pro. The Microsoft Surface Pro was touted as being better because it came with a stylus and the stylus could be held on magnetically:

“The Surface pen docks with strong magnets to the sides of the tablet, which is handier than you might think. … The iPad Pro doesn’t have any such docking feature, perhaps because the Apple Pencil is an optional accessory, but I think this is an oversight. Apple could have at least incorporated a holder on the keyboard.” (Source: LifeHacker, Melanie Pinola, 17 Jan 2016)

This has been a common commentary across multiple reviews.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up, and put my Apple Pencil on the edge of my iPad Pro and found that indeed it DOES hold to the case magnetically as shown below.

I’m surprised that the media misreported this. Even more surprising is that Apple never responded to the criticism to set the record straight, nor does Apple mention among the features that the Pencil can be held on magnetically.

It’s a natural inclination to put the pencil on the case at the edge (just like a school notebook and wooden pencil), even if you don’t know it can be held magnetically.


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