Mediacom High Speed Internet MCHSI

Need more internet speed? Is your list of Internet connected devices growing in your home? Then you’re in need of a speed boost!

Take your current Prime 15 Internet to Prime Plus Internet with download speeds up to 50 Mbps* for only $10* more a month for a year (plus modem rental, taxes and fees).

  • No visible loss of speed when multiple users are online
  • Better streaming for music and video – even in HD
  • Faster, almost instantaneous downloads of large files
  • Increased usage allowance from 250 GB to 350 GBa month
  • A better, faster online experience for the whole family
  • Over 3X faster than your current Internet speed
CALL NOW! 866-755-6620

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Note: The above post is NOT a paid advertisement. We received it by email, and are re-posting it here for those who follow our website and social media. We’ve found Mediacom Internet to be a great solution for residential or business Internet service requiring 50 Mbps or higher speeds.

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