Apple iCloud Sync Problems with Contacts and Calendar

You may occasionally experience synchronization issues with Apple iCloud, specifically with contacts or calendar entries.

Most of the time, when you add a contact or calendar event on your desktop or laptop computer, it will immediately and magically show up on all your other devices. However, sometimes it may be several minutes later and it doesn’t show up.

This can be a problem if you leave your home or office, thinking the recently added contacts will now be on your mobile device, but they aren’t.

This problem goes both ways. Sometimes items added to mobile devices don’t show up on their OS X equivalent apps.

So, here’s a trick that just might work:

  • On OS X, you can exit the Calendar or Contacts apps and start them again. This can help force a synchronization with iCloud.
  • On mobile devices, closing and re-opening apps may or may not work. You may need to add a new contact or event for the synchronization to be initiated.

Push technology is supposed to ensure that data synchronization and flow is forced to happen in real-time. However, it sometimes doesn’t work, so these tips can help in such situations.

These problems, and the solutions mentioned above, can actually happen on any synchronization platform (Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Linux, etc.) so it’s not necessarily an issue isolated to Apple.

For Google devices, a check-in can be established by sending an email or checking for new messages. This will initiate communications with their cloud services.

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