Problematic BitDefender AntiVirus is Still PCMagazine Editor’s Choice Despite Numerous Consumer Complaints

Months ago, we reported on a long list of problems with BitDefender. At one point, they had an F-rating with the Better Business Bureau due to so many customer complaints and bad reviews. Their rating is now up to a C, which still isn’t very good. One of the primary customer complaints is that there seems to be no easy method to cancel the subscription renewal. So, customers are getting charged when they don’t want to.

There is no information within the user account login about cancelling the automatic renewal. The BitDefender support search produces no results on a search about cancelling the automatic renewal.

If you do a Google search for bit defender cancel automatic renewal, you’ll find a customer service page with the title “I do not want the Automatic Renewal.” That page has a link you can click on to cancel the service. However, the page it send you to has a login dialog box that doesn’t work, so you’ll never be able to login and cancel. Very bad.

Amazingly, PCMagazine still rates BitDefender as their Editor’s Choice. Anymore, it’s hard to know who to trust online. It seems like many previously reputable companies and online resources are now paid off by unscrupulous companies, and as a result customers get deceived and ripped off.


Here are links to further reading.


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