Mediacom Cable Modem Purchase or Rent

Internet service providers typically give you the option to purchase or rent equipment from them. Most will allow you to buy your own equipment from a third party and they will help you configure it. Mediacom supports a variety of Cable Modems described below.

If you’re requesting equipment from Mediacom, for rent or to purchase, you’ll want to get their combined modem and wireless router XTREAM solution which supports the latest high speed wireless standards.

Benefits to Renting

There are several benefits to renting equipment:

  1. Hardware Warranty. The primary benefit to renting equipment is that the rental comes with an implied perpetual warranty. So, if anything goes wrong with the equipment, it’s replaced for free. Even if the equipment fails due to a power surge or other environmental factor.
  2. Technical Support. The rental also comes with valuable tech support that might otherwise cost hundreds of dollars if you’re otherwise paying a consultant to come to your home or office to diagnose problems or help with initial setup.
  3. Free Upgrades. By renting equipment, you can periodically request an upgrade to newer equipment for free.
  4. Better Customer Service. If you call your Internet service provider for support, they are likely going to be able to give you better service if they are familiar with the equipment you’re using and can remotely reset, upgrade, or diagnose it.

Benefits to Purchasing

The primary benefit to purchasing is that it supposedly will save you money over two or three years. However, if the equipment fails or becomes obsolete, there will be replacement costs that outweigh the small savings.

That said, when purchasing a modem, one may want to consider purchasing it from the Internet service provider. This could provide the technical support and customer service benefits described above.

What’s a Good Cable Modem for Mediacom?

For those wanting to purchase a cable modem from a third party, buying a separate cable modem and router can be a good way to go. Here’s a good combination:

Purchasing third party equipment could offer some advantages. For example, if the components are separate, you can upgrade them independently as needed. Also, you can choose to go with a more powerful or more feature-rich wireless router.

Note: There is an ARRIS SURFboard modem with wireless built-in but it has 33% of reviews that are either 1-star or 2-star. For whatever reason, the combined cable modem and wireless solution doesn’t seem to work well according to many people.

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