Zoom H2n Firmware Update 2.00 Installation

There is a firmware update for the Zoom H2n recorder. Recently purchased recorders may have the 1.20 update. To install the new update, follow these instructions.

  1. Download the H2n System Version 2.00 software. (here)
  2. The downloaded file will be named H2n_v2.00E.zip
  3. Double-click on that file to expand it.
  4. This should result in a folder named H2n_v2.00E.
  5. Within that folder, there should be a file named H2NMAIN.BIN
  6. Power off the H2n recorder.
  7. Remove the SD card from the H2n recorder.
  8. Most laptop computers and some desktop computers have SD card readers built-in. If you don’t have an SD card reader built-in, you’ll need an external SD card reader [view on Amazon] such as the Sabrent SuperSpeed 2-Slot USB 3.0 Flash Memory Card Reader or the IOGEAR 12-in-1 USB 2.0 Pocket Flash Memory Card Reader/Writer. When you plug in the SD card reader, and insert the card, the SD card will be available to your computer.
  9. Copy the H2NMAIN.BIN file to the SD card, not putting it in any particular folder, but just directly in the SD card.
  10. When removing the SD card, in Windows click on the eject icon for USB devices. For Apple Mac, use the eject feature. Otherwise files can be corrupted.
  11. Put the SD card in the H2n recorder (it should be off at this point).
  12. Turn on the H2n recorder while holding down (pressing in) the Play control button.
  13. When the H2n recorder turns on, you’ll see a message on screen indicating “VERSION UPDATE” showing your current version and the version of the update file with an option to press OK or CANCEL.
  14. Push the Play control button up to switch from CANCEL to OK, then push the Play button in to begin the update. The progress will be indicated on screen. When done, you’ll be prompted to turn the unit off.


The above instructions are surprisingly nowhere to be found on the Zoom website or anywhere else on the Internet, so we’ve written them up and provided them here.

4 thoughts on “Zoom H2n Firmware Update 2.00 Installation

  1. I have read the instructions to update the firmware for my H2n which certainly give more info than the manual. However, I am puzzled. I take that steps 1-5 place the BIN-file on my computer. After step 7 I now have the SD card in my hand. How do I do step 8 copying the BIN to the SD card. Is there a USB type adapter that let’s me link the SD card to my computer? Is my assumption above from steps 1-5 wrong?
    Can someone guide me farther?
    Thanks for the help

  2. place your cursor over the file. right click. hit copy. then open your sd card file and place sursor in any part of the empty area then right click again and hit paste item. once you see the file now there take out your sd card from your desktop and install it into the h2n…continue with the directions on this web site.

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