Apple iOS 10 Legacy Operational Issues


This is a live page being updated regularly with a list of iOS 10 legacy operational issues -problems that existed in previous iOS versions that have persisted and not been fixed yet in iOS 10. Additional items will be listed here as they are discovered.

iOS 10 Legacy Operational Issues

  1. Automatic Case. When typing, if you use a period such as in the abbreviation U.S. in the middle of a sentence, the word that immediately follows that abbreviation will be forced into upper case. The ‘automatic uppercase’ feature, doesnt’ seem to distinguish between a period at the end of a sentence and the period at the end of an abbreviation. Some abbreviations don’t force the next word to be capitalized, such as etc. yet others do. When he upper case letter is forced in the middle of a sentence, it’s necessary to type the word, then as the second letter of the word insert the lower case letter that starts the word, then manually delete the first letter (which was forced to be upper case). It’s a bit of a hassle.
  2. Dictation Keyboard Icon. If you’re using an iPad pro, and the dictation microphone key on the on-screen keyboard disappears, you may need to turn off the iPad and then turn it back on again to restore the button.
  3. Dictation Quote Marks. When dictating text, if you say ‘quote’ the quote mark will be generated immediately preceeding the next word you say. When you want to close the quote, you can’t simply say ‘quote’ to generate another quote mark because that will create a space and then a quote mark. You must say ‘end quote’ to generate a quote mark without a space before it.
  4. Dictation Spacing in Numbers. Usually when you dictate text, the text is dictated as if you typed it. If you’re using the Numbers program, every time you dictate text into a cell, after you press ‘Done’ to end dictation, a space will be inserted before what you just dictated. You’ll then need to awkwardly try to edit that space out of the cell which is more challenging in Numbers than most applications because of the close proximity to other buttons in the function edit area. There need to be no space inserted in front of dictated text.
  5. Email Signature Duplication. We reported this happening in iOS 9 back on 21 March 2016, and the problem has been brought forward into iOS 10. If you are typing a message and then change the ‘from’ account, you’ll end up with duplicate signatures. This also happens if you’re typing a message, and switch to another app, then return to email, you’ll end up with multiple copies of your signature. This happens on iPhone and iPad.
  6. Email Signature Settings. If you use multiple signatures, in Settings, when you go to review them, you may see the video presentation of those signatures overlapping on the screen making them unreadable and not editable. This has been a problem for years, spanning multiple iPhone and iPad models and multiple iOS versions.
  7. Emoticon Tray. When using an external Apple wireless keyboard with the iPad Pro, it’s possible to press the ‘eject’ key to display and hide the on-screen keyboard. Once switched to the emoticon on-screen keyboard, the ‘eject’ key no longer works to hide the on-screen keyboard. It’s necessary to switch back to the text keyboard first.

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