Microsoft OneDrive Update for Apple Mac Loading Finder Repeatedly

There was an App Store update today for Microsoft OneDrive on the Mac. If you installed the update, you may have experienced the finder opening repeatedly. Attempting to close the finder Window would result in it opening again in the foreground making other programs non-operative.

You may have also seen a message like the one shown below that states “We couldn’t find the location of your OneDrive folder.”

After clicking the OK button, you would then be prompted to find your OneDrive folder or create one.

However, selecting the OneDrive folder as directed won’t stop the Finder from popping up.

Also, the OneDrive icon in the Menu bar in the top right of the screen becomes non-responsive to a left click or right click.

If you are having these issues, removal of the OneDrive program seems to be the only way to remedy the problem until a more stable update becomes available.


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