Square Purchase Receipts – Change Your Email


When you initially make a purchase with a merchant who uses the Square card processing system, you’ll have an option to enter an email address for a receipt.

In the future, when you use that same card with a merchant who uses Square, your email will be automatically saved from the previous purchase.

It’s not possibly to easily update the email at the time of purchase.

Change Email

If you want to change the email address linked to your credit card, it’s necessary to click the “Manage Preferences” link at the bottom of a recent email receipt. This will take you to a page that shows all the cards associated with your phone and email.

You will probably want to save the previous purchase history and list of merchants, then delete the email address that was previously linked.

You will also want to save a screenshot of the old cards linked to your phone. These are probably old expired credit cards that you used in the past.

Unfamiliar Card Numbers

You may see some card numbers linked to your Square profile that you don’t recognized. These may be the alternate credit card number accounts that are generated by the Apple Wallet on iPhone or Watch for purchases.

If you’re curious about the alternate credit card numbers created by Apple Wallet, you can open the Wallet app on your iPhone, select a card, press the three dots menu button (top right) and scroll down to the section “Device Account Number” where you’ll see the 4-digit ending of the card.

In Wallet, the Device Account Number is described in this way: “Apple Pay uses the Device Account Number instead of providing your credit or debit card number. This number can only be used with this iPhone.”

This may initially create some confusion because in trying to match your printed receipts with credit card accounts, you won’t initially recognized the numbers.


Note that Square is a common business name. This article is about the payment processing company used by restaurants, coffee shops, and some individual entrepreneurs. Learn more at SquareUp.com

This article is not about Square Trade, the warranty company.

Square: Here’s Why You Need a Credit / Debit Card Reader (Videos)

Having the ability to receive credit card payments is very helpful — not just for those running a small business, but for anyone wanting to receive a payment from someone. These days people are less likely to carry cash or a checkbook. Cards and smartphones are becoming a more common currency tool.

Merchants sometimes issue refunds, rebates, or rewards on prepaid non-reloadable debit/credit cards. If you’d rather cash out the money, you can use a credit card processing device to get the money into your bank account.

There are several providers of credit/debit card processing readers: PayPalSquareUp, and Intuit (the QuickBooks people).

Square Card Readers

SquareUp (Square) is one of the most popular services and offers a very elegant retail ‘cash register’  with card reader that holds an iPad. There is also a bluetooth reader available for Apple Pay and cards with chips.

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