Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Battery Replacement Video and Required Tools List

The Dell XPS 13 battery comes with a 1-year warranty. As a result, many users are finding they need to replace the battery after a year of use. The video below provides a good presentation of how to remove the battery, but details on the specific tools are missing. More details about the tools needed are found below.

Tools Needed

The video states, “You’ll need a philips head screw driver and a size T5 star screwdriver.”

We went through many tips before we found a working phillips tip that would work on screws holding the battery in place. The one that finally worked was marked PB0. It needed to be small, but broad.

The ‘star’ bit is actually a Torx T5.

Other useful tips would be the PH000, PH00, and PH1. These are shown below.

You may also need something to carefully pry the battery and other parts away from the computer.


Tool Kits Available on Amazon

Here are some useful tool kits for this and other projects:


Thanks to Makur for contributing to this article.