How to completely backup and restore your Facebook account.

In these two videos, you’ll learn how to completely backup and restore your Facebook account — even to another user account — using Acronis software. This is important in case your account gets hacked, suspended, or content is mistakenly deleted. For those wanting to shut down their Facebook presence, it provides a way to keep your content accessible.

Facebook Account Backup

Facebook Account Restore


Source: Acronis (19 May 2017)

Problems with Neat Receipts Cloud Scanning Software

After 14 years of building a very dedicated customer base and the world’s most successful and popular scanning platform, Neat has decided to scrap everything and start over with a new scanning solution. So far, reviews have been less than enthusiastic. Top company leadership are leaving and many employees are being laid off. (source)

This document lists some of the design problems with their new product as it relates to Apple users. This document will be updated over time with any new developments or discoveries.

  1. Apple Version Not Native. Rather than create an actual OS X application, the Apple version seems to have been developed on a non-standard emulator platform similar Adobe Air in the way it looks and feels. To find the program, you’ll look for it in Applications under the letter ‘N’ for Neat, but you won’t find it there. It’s in a folder named The Neat Company. To find it, look in The Neat Company > Neat Smart Organization System > Helium-shell > HeliumAppShell > and there you’ll find the familiar Neat program icon. This is where you’ll have to go if you need to drag the program icon to the Dock again, but don’t touch any of the other exposed program files because the entire fragile system will break down if you do.
  2. Columns Not Adjustable. The new program is broken into three primary columns. The left column shows the folders. The middle column shows the folder contents or the specifics of a particular entry. The right column is a preview window. These columns aren’t sizable or adjustable.
  3. Database Change. The database files are individually stored as PDF files in Documents > NeatScan > your name. Presumably if you mess with any of these files, the database index will be thrown off.
  4. Drag and Drop. In the previous versions of the Neat scanning software, it was possible to drag PDF files into the program and have them added, being scanned for OCR. In the new version, you must manually add files from the file menu.
  5. Item Type. When you change the item type from Document to Receipt (for example) the software goes through the ‘Processing’ step again.
  6. Slowness. To adequately test the speed of the Neat cloud-based scanning software, use a 100Mbps Internet connection, and a quad-core computer with 8 virtual cores, running on a solid state hard drive. When you test with this blazing fast computer, you’ll notice the system is slow to load receipt images — even with a database of only a dozen receipts.
  7. Zoom Issues. When you try to zoom in on a receipt using two finger zoom, the viewer zooms too fast.

Moto G First Time Setup with Motorola Migrate

If you’re setting up a Moto G (2nd Generation) phone for the first time, after entering your language preferences, connecting to a wireless network, and logging into your Google account, you’ll be given an option to migrate all your files and settings from a previous phone to the new phone using the Motorola Migrate app available on the Google Play store.

Here are some general instructions:

  1. Stop Migration First. The Motorola Migrate app will start during the initial setup of the phone. You can actually skip this step for now, and go to the main applications screen.
  2. Update Motorola Migrate. You may need to update the Motorola Migrate program on your recently purchased device. Go to the Google Play store, search for Motorola Migrate, and choose update. The version that ships with your device may be an older version.
  3. Use Local WiFi. The Motorola Migrate application uses your local wireless network to transfer information directly between the phones. So, you will need a local WiFi network — preferably your own personal home network. Connect to your local wireless network.
    • Note: If you’re in an Enterprise environment, or using some other business or WiFi network, it’s likely the migration will fail since firewall and business network switch/router settings may limit this kind of activity.
  4. Migrate Data. Follow the on-screen instructions to migrate your data.


Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Battery Replacement Video and Required Tools List

The Dell XPS 13 battery comes with a 1-year warranty. As a result, many users are finding they need to replace the battery after a year of use. The video below provides a good presentation of how to remove the battery, but details on the specific tools are missing. More details about the tools needed are found below.

Tools Needed

The video states, “You’ll need a philips head screw driver and a size T5 star screwdriver.”

We went through many tips before we found a working phillips tip that would work on screws holding the battery in place. The one that finally worked was marked PB0. It needed to be small, but broad.

The ‘star’ bit is actually a Torx T5.

Other useful tips would be the PH000, PH00, and PH1. These are shown below.

You may also need something to carefully pry the battery and other parts away from the computer.


Tool Kits Available on Amazon

Here are some useful tool kits for this and other projects:


Thanks to Makur for contributing to this article.