Iowa City Tech Support and Services – A Preventative Approach


The Technology Services Resource Group was founded in Iowa City by Greg Johnson in the early 1980s as Public Interest Computer Consulting (PICC). In the early 1990s, the name was changed to PC-DOC. By the year 2001, the name was changed to Technology Services Resource Group (TSRG) in an effort to convey the broad range of support available. Although services are provided beyond Iowa City, having a familiar domain name of Iowa City Technology Services helps to identify TSRG as a local resource.

Prevention Services

The term “tech support” is generally used to convey hardware repair or some other kind of computer help.

A “tech support” mindset is generally reactive rather than proactive in responding to computer problems. When something breaks, you call tech support.

However the term “technology services” can include not only problem fixing, but problem avoidance by offering services such as user training, implementing data backup plans, and installing antivirus and security software. Technology services can include integration of different devices (mobile, desktop, and other).

By contrast, tech support is usually there for you when things go wrong. Proper setup, support, and training should help avoid problems.

So, deciding on the name Technology Services, seemed to be a better fit.


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