Designing the Digital Future, Save the Date


As digital technologies become increasingly ubiquitous in our lives, how they are designed can have significant impact on society. The 2014 Obermann Working Symposium, Designing the Digital Future: A Human-Centered Approach to Informatics, November 7-8, 2014, will showcase, a human-centered approach to technology.
This bottom-up approach gives those affected by technologies a voice in their design, seeking to empower rather than replace people. It is a growing multi-disciplinary area within the larger field of informatics that intersects with narrative, the arts, collaborative learning, dance, diversity, social justice movements, values sensitive design, visual thinking, and more.
All events will take place at FilmScene and the University Capitol Center in downtown Iowa City. For a full schedule and registration, visit us at DESIGNING THE DIGITAL FUTURE.

Keynote Speakers

  • Lisa Anthony (Computer & Information Science and Engineering, University of Florida) Gesture
     interaction with children for education, fitness, games
  • Tamara Clegg (Education and iSchool, University of Maryland)
    Kitchen Chemistry and Backyard Biology co-designing with kids on “life-relevant learning environments”
  • Celine Latulipe (Software & Information Systems, University of North Carolina-Charlotte)  Designing for the arts in light of gender, philosophy, neuroscience
  • Lisa Nathan (First Nations Concentration Coordinator, The iSchool, University of British Columbia)  Information practices for human thriving and global challenges, social justice movements and digital culture
  • Mary Beth Rosson (Associate Dean, Information Sciences & Technology and Co-Director, Computer-Supported Collaboration & Learning, Pennsylvania State University)   Scenario-based designs for informal and collaborative learning
  • Ron Wakkary (School of Interactive Arts & Technology, Simon Fraser University)   Everyday design and “ec(h)o-VUE: ecologies of play, learning and interaction in museums”

Organized by Juan Pablo Hourcade, UI Computer Science professor, and Teresa Mangum, Director of the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, in co-sponsorship with the Iowa Informatics Initiative, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and departments across the University of Iowa.

To learn more, visit:


The above event is being sponsored by the Oberman Center and is being posted here for further distribution. For more information, contact Erin Hackathorn at the Obermann Center, 335.4034 /

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