New Universal Mobile Keyboard works with Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices

(Source: Microsoft, 16 Sept. 2014)

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Today’s tablets and smartphones are more powerful than ever, enabling people to be productive on the go. However, typing on the small, virtual on-screen-keyboard of a smartphone or tablet can be uncomfortable and inefficient.

It’s also common for people to carry multiple mobile devices and use the one that is best suited for the specific scenario they’re in — an iPad while in a coffee shop, a Samsung Galaxy S4 while sitting on an airplane, a Windows laptop in their hotel room.

With all these different devices, people frequently find they have a mixture of operating system platforms, resulting in them having to carry different accessories for each device. Microsoft’s new Universal Mobile Keyboard helps address that — it works with iPad, iPhone, Android devices and Windows tablets.

With the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard, getting stuff done while you’re on the go has never been easier. Power through emails, put together a proposal, build a presentation, or simply instant message with a friend. The Universal Mobile Keyboard has an OS switch that lets you change from one operating system to another while maintaining a fully functional keyboard. And with the physical “chiclet” style keyset on this keyboard, you’ll feel like you’re typing on your laptop without lugging around the extra weight or bulk.

The Universal Mobile Keyboard was built with portability in mind. It’s easy and quick to set up, especially on the go. Simply open the protective cover and the keyboard automatically turns on, and connects using Bluetooth. Shut the cover, and it instantly turns off.

The cover has an integrated stand that can easily be detached, so you can position your tablet in the most comfortable position.

The Universal Mobile Keyboard will be generally available in October 2014 for the estimated retail price of $79.95 at the Microsoft Store and at various other retailers.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff



Note: This article was reposted here from the Microsoft website for broader distribution and for the purpose of promoting the product. No payment was received for posting this article.

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