Find Your Dell Computer Service Tag Serial Number to Lookup System Configuration Information and Drivers

This is a simple and useful process for obtaining your Dell computer service tag (serial number) and lookup your system configuration.

Obtain the Service Tag (Serial Number)

The Service Tag (serial number) should be printed on the bottom of your computer. If it is missing, scratched off, or not readable, there’s an automatic way to look it up.

With any computer purchased used on eBay, Craig’s List, from a pawn shop, or other source with unknown history, it’s possible that the Service Tag may be incorrect. If the system board (mother board) has been swapped out, you won’t know the Service Tag number for sure unless you run this process.

  1. From the Start Menu type CMD and press Enter.
  2. From the Command Prompt, type: wmic bios get serialnumber
  3. Press Enter
  4. The serial number should be displayed.

Lookup the System Configuration

On the Dell website, you can lookup the system configuration based on the computer serial number. A quick lookup will reveal the original system configuration. There’s also a utility on Dell’s website that will scan your system and give you the latest configuration information.

  1. Go to
  2. Look for this text “Enter a Service Tag or Express Service Code” and enter your Service Tag there.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. On the resulting page there is a lot of information available by clicking on the various tabs and links.


Note: Thanks to Makur for assisting with the above article.

Dell Joins Google, Intuit, Bing, and Others Now Accepting #Bitcoin Via #Coinbase

20140802sa-coinbase-bitcoin-merchant-online-stores-vendors(Source: “ Partners With Coinbase to Become the Largest Ecommerce Merchant to Accept Bitcoin,” Coinbase Blog, 18 July 2014)

Dell is now accepting bitcoin payments from consumers and small business shoppers across the U.S. for all items available on, including the Alienware line of products. To date, Dell is the largest ecommerce company to officially accept bitcoin, with nearly $60 billion in annual sales. Head over to to view this video guide on Dell’s bitcoin splash page and see the bitcoin payment process in action.

With the Coinbase integration, Dell is able to provide its customers with even more flexibility when it comes to payment options. Coinbase partnered closely with the Dell team to implement bitcoin payments on in just two weeks, and we look forward to continuing to support Dell in the coming weeks as they implement additional bitcoin features. For more information about this integration, visit the official blog here.

To celebrate this partnership, Dell will soon be offering a special Alienware promotion where customers can save 10% off a new Alienware system purchase (up to $150 limit) when checking out with bitcoin. Visit to learn more.